Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long long long break from blogging

Hey all, so I haven't blogged in 2 months which is probably the longest since I started blogging 2 years ago. Anyways I'm now going to blog on so look for my posts there. I may use this from time to time but will be the main one. So check it out!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ciao 2008 Hola 2009!

Yo yo. It's been awhile but I didn't really play poker in December. Something like 4500-5000 hands and I made in the $2kish range. S'ok, I had a lot of exams (6) and a lot of studying to do for the first half of the month. For 4 days in there I went to Edmonton to visit my grandparents. It was alright, pretty boring but I made like $300 in the little grinding that I did.

Soooo 2008 is gone! I can say with full confidence that 2008 was the best year of my life. I changed so much in 2008 and I'm really happy with the changes. So let's do a little recap of why 2008 was awesome.

1. Australia!!! - Going to aussietown was the best thing I have ever done. I'm kind of surprised I did go actually, because I had been a pretty introverted person most of my life. For some reason though in 1st year of Uni I went to the exchange meeting and the idea of traveling just got stuck in my head. Anyways I went, 6 months later than expected, but I got there and had a blast. I met awesome people, traveled, partied, and came out of my shell lol. AND put on weight! Cuz I was apparently super crazy skinny when I went. Looking back at pics I really looked unhealthy. But with Nate my roomate I got the working out craze and have been doing that ever since.

2. Other travels! - Before Australia I went to Florida to visit my buddy Mike for a few days. This was a cool trip. After Aus I went to Vegas with poker buddies which turned out to be another awesome experience. Friends for life yo. Then I went to Winnipeg for a wedding and met up with the friends I grew up with. Good times.

3. Poker!! - Ok I didn't play nearly as much or make nearly as much as I expected to at the beginning of 2008. This is fine with me though. I still made something like $80k, and spent a crapload but of which I don't regret $0.01 of. I still enjoy the game though and it is the best opportunity available to me at the moment. Poker is on this list basically because it has afforded me a pretty sweet lifestyle for someone my age. Coolabah :)

And the last 4 months of the year I met an amazing girl who is now my girlfriend. I'm really happy being with her because we always have a great time. It doesn't hurt that she's smoking hot either ;)

New years was an awesome time the gf and I went to a 70's party at a restaurant in town. It was just a great time dancing, drinking and just looking retarded with everyone else lol.

So I think it's time for the new years resolutions. This year I'm trying to make them more attainable and have chosen those that really would make me happy if i achieved them. So here we go.

1. Make at least $150k from poker - this goal is more reasonable than last years for a couple reasons. 1) I have learned that I don't want to grind grind grind and have no life. The value of the extra money I could make isn't more than the value I gain from living a balanced life. 2.) $150k is plenty to live off of including some trips I want to make, and this number is pretty attainable if I just keep poker as a lucrative hobby.

2. Travel travel travel!!!!!! - Ok so I graduate this year in April so I guess big changes are on the way. I need to fulfill my travel bug, so I expect to go to Europe this year. I would like to try living somewhere else, but I'm not going to make any committments yet. I'll just see what happens.

3. Get bigger - continue to workout 5-6 days a week. Don't get complacent, continue to lift heavier and workout more intense. Hopefully be 170lbs+ by the end of the year. I'm about 155lbs right now.

4. Start a business!!!!! - When I realize this goal this year it will make me the happiest I can be. I've been putting off investments and businesses for the past couple years because of poker, travel, and just life. Yes this business has to be profitable, but I don't expect to be a millionaire this year from it. The fulfillment I would get from starting a profitable business that I love would be huuuuge. So this is a big priority for me.

And the rest is just to enjoy life, graduate from school, and just have a blast. Good luck everyone with your resulations. Let's make 2009 the best year yet!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November recap and HU

Yup it's been a long time again, blah blah blah. I just didn't really play poker in November. I played around 6k hands and lost around $4600. Just pretty standard -$5k at 5/10 at the beginning of the month and I didn't play enough to make it back. Near the end of the month though I got into playing HU and I really thought I played well even though the results weren't there. I may have made a little bit but didn't run very well.

So for this month I am going to play almost exclusively HU on full tilt because 1. It's so much more fun than 6-max, 2. It will make me a better player and 3. 6-max blows. I just played a nice sesh made $400 busting a few short stack donks at HU then 2 tabled 5/10 on abs and lost $800ish. 20bb 88 vs AA pretty standard cooler then my JJ ran into K7o which obviously wasn't good. I hold up and I'd of had a nice session today instead I lost around $400. Not much obviously but I'm getting annoyed with losing.

November was a pretty decent month in other areas. Dancing is fun as always, even though my partner and I are way ahead of everyone else and taking the group classes is maddening how slow they go. Not so bad for Salsa, but oh man Rumba classes I could do with my eyes closed. "Ok everyone, lets review!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO".

I was thinking the other day that this year so far has been the best of my life. I honestly can't remember a year where I had more fun or matured so much. LOL me mature cmon now. But seriously, I had an amazing 5 months in Australia, made decent money from poker (I'd guess around $70k so far which is way below my goal but I'm super glad I didn't play more in Australia) and just changed so much as a person. I'm really glad at where I am in life right now, although I wouldn't mind clicking the mouse a little more and making $30k like Howard's whore Steve, and I'm looking forward to this next year a ton.

It's freaky though because I'll be done school in April this coming year. I don't know what I'm going to do after that...I want to move somewhere overseas like Spain maybe, cuz I'm learning Spanish and it seems fun/relatively warm. It all depends on poker though...maybe I should actually grind in December and the coming year. I sometimes forget how different my life/decisions would be if I didn't have poker to ship my bank account the moneys. Looking at my poor friends is a pretty big wake up call.

So this was basically an early year recap but I'll do a more in detail one at the end of this month. Until next time, you stay classy interweb peoples.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I am playing terrible poker

Ya so I just spewed off 2 buyins at 2/4 HU. And by spewed I mean like WTF was I thinking? Why do I try to outlevel myself like crazy all the time? Why is my thought process so scrambled and random for poker? Maybe it's because I've learned the game through a ton of different sources and never really developed my own strategy. Either way I'm rusty, not playing well, not focused, and down nearly $5k this month in something like 1500 hands. I just love to click the call button lately. What has changed in my game/mentality to make me do things like this?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

JB's back yo

Hey all. Sorry it's taken me so long to blog again. The truth is I haven't played much poker in the last 2 months. Probably just over 20k hands total. Oh well, I've shipped the moneys pretty good for how many hands I've put in. Obviously nothing like whitewash, but I've come to the conclusion that he has repeatedly done sexual favours for Howard Lederer.

S'ok though, I've made just under $20k in the last 2 months so that's pretty reasonable imo. I've also cashed out about $17k trying to take advantage of the Canadian dollar diving. Too bad it didn't work out that great for me. At the lowest point C$ was at $.77 / US$. This is down from roughly par or high $.90's and is like getting a big raise. I cashed the first $5k USD through instaDebit, although they hit me with big conversion fees and I got it converted at $.85. Meh.

I then got two cheques from Absolute that were supposed to be $5k USD each, but guess what? They decided to convert it themselves! So they converted, with some fee I'm sure, at around $.85 as well. I then followed these cashouts by dropping around $6k so my roll on Absolute is getting kind of small lol. It's tough to buy in $2k deep at 5/10 when I only have $35k in my roll.

I think in the long term (1-3 years I guess) these cashouts will have been good as I feel the USD has to tank in relation to other world currencies. Their economy is in the worst shape in history, basically, and for them to continue to be competitive during this recession they need a devaluing of their dollar. Even so, I doubt the CAD $ will go above par, but that isn't really a big issue really. I'd love it if the CAD $ stayed at like $.70 / USD. That would be sick yo!

Now for some life news. I'm enjoying life lately. Obviously it would be much cooler if I was making $25k/month playing 10k hands but it's still cool. School is quite busy but enjoyable for the most part. My busiest class is Spanish; it seems like we have an exam or presentation every week. The other classes are going well, I kind of feel like I'm not getting my tuition's worth though. It's like in every class I know most of the material from previous classes. I am learning some stuff but nothing is completely new. Maybe that's to be expected in 4th year, I don't know.

Today I got up at 1:30pm lol this is like the latest I've slept in 6 months. I had very late nights friday and saturday dancing in the clubs and enjoying some jagerbombs :). Speaking of dancing, I'm doing the Rumba and Salsa on Wednesdays and Fridays. It's such a good time I really enjoy it. My partner and I had our first Salsa lesson on Friday night and it was so cool. A younger crowd at Salsa too which is nice. I prefer to dance with younger women over people who are in my parents generation lol. But I highly recommend dancing to anyone who hasn't done it before.

Most of my hands this month have been coolers, except a hero calldown I made that obviously didn't work out. That cost me like $1100. The truth is I've been fairly bored with poker the last couple of months. 2/4 6-max doesn't seem to really do it for me anymore. I really like the action and stakes of 5/10 and wish I could sometimes play 10/20 when the games are good. Obviously my games needs a lot of work, and tbh I'm not sure if I'm prepared to work on it that much in the coming months. That said I do want to start making $20k/month. So I've decided to learn HU and become a bumhunter like whitewash lolz. Nah I'd just like to be good enough at HU that I can increase my game selection. Playing HU should make my overall game better as well anyways.

Thats it for today homies, I'll try to blog way more often from now on. Hasta luego amigos.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some cool spots tonight

I only screamed 3 or 4 times this session, so I'd say it went pretty well. Here's some swongy hands.

Hand 1: A situation i hate

He was fairly new to the table and won't 3 bet super wide but folding just feels uber weak. I has an overpair on the flop so i must call. I don't like a flop raise with anything really, id just call sets mainly. Turn he double barrels with near 100% frequency and I will hate life if I call turn and he shoves river, which he will do enough of the time. I debated raising the turn which I think is a pretty cool play but those stupid turbo tables timed me out. Any suggestions on what I can do differently here?

Hand 2: Timing tells ftw

Villain is good regular; this is last hand as the table just broke a second ago. He snap 3 bets me and both of us know I'm sitting out after this hand. He 3 bets often enough regularly, but this felt like any two cards. I decided to call and chk raise a ton of flops. This flop is good as even if he had something semi decent he has to fold. It also shows a ton of strength because he probably thinks i won't get involved in a big pot when I'm leaving the next hand.

Hand 3: Love everything I did here

Flop raise is cool here because my value range is so minimal. Sometimes AK, KQ, and 33. Most other raises are bluff's/semibluffs. He times down to about 2 seconds left before 3 betting. He 99% of the time is bluffing here, and QJ is unlikely. I think he chk folds turn super often so I chk back planning to do something on the river. On river I debate betting large, even shoving, but decide he can't call with anything really. I like my bet size because it is right in the middle of 1.) Bluffing but trying not to risk too much, 2.) Some thin value bet. Good result.

Hand 4: Tough spot

These flops are tough to play this deep, and most of the time I expect him to raise it up. My default is call, but that doesn't seem so great for some reason. 3 betting doesn't get me in good ever as my hand is pretty defined, unless I can 3 bet bluff it fairly frequently. This isn't a huge part of my game though. Once I call turn my hand is pretty defined as an overpair. He probably thinks I would raise a T on the turn a decent % of the time.

The draw misses and he shoves river. His value range here is pretty much only 33, 99, and rarely T9. He overbet shoves river. I didn't really know what to do here. In retrospect I think I should have called as he raises flop a lot. The question, as cntgetmedown said, is does he expect me to fold an overpair? If this was 5/10 200bb I think the call is much easier. He probably views me as somewhat scared money at 5/10. At 3/6 though, I find it less likely he thinks this way.

The other problem I have is his bet sizing. Generally if he decided he's going to bluff river he'll make it a PSB or overbet as he did. However, a bet more than $210 on the turn, if he has a big hand and wants to make the river bet less, is almost getting too big regardless of his hand imo. I think going over it again I should have called river because I am at the very top of my range. He could even be doing this with KK sometimes, though not super likely.

Hand 5: Mmmmm revenge :)

I like all my betsizing in this hand. Don't like his shove very much.

Hand 6: Obligatory I RUN SOOOO BAADDD

Villain and I had a very aggro 3 betting dynamic going on, I'm fine with felting this pre. NOOOO FLOP NOT THIS TIME.......Turn.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Session went pretty well though made just over $2k. Peace.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

School getting busy/sesh review

Yup, I've finally had to open a few books :(. I had my spanish presentation yesterday and it went pretty well. I forget the verb to drive, manejar, for a second and looked stupid but then remembered and finished decently. I am coming to realize that I hate hate hate philosophy. Some of the concepts we talk about in class are kind of cool but I don't like the teacher, don't like the readings, don't like the assignments, etc, etc. It's just 3 hours of lameness/week plus the lameness of homework.

I haven't played as much as I'd like to but I am trying to get in a session every night. This is when 5/10 runs on abs as well so playing at night is better. The problem is I get pretty tired pretty fast and don't play my A game near the end of the sesh. That just happened and I left some decent games early because I wasn't concentrating like I should be. Here's some hands.

Hand 1: Pretty easy river fold imo

Villain is a 22/8 passive type who very rarely gets out of line. The only 2 pair hand he bets for value on the river is KT and there's a ton of flushes in his range. Combine that with his timing and bet size; a fold is pretty mandatory. I quit right after this.

Hand 2: Meh, not great

Villain here is pretty aggro and has 4 bet me once and I've 4 bet him once. He c bets around 78% so I think calling here when deep and chk raising a lot of flops is pretty cool. Not an ideal flop to chk raise here but it's alright. He c bets that near 100% and if I just call and play my 4's for value he'll double/triple barrel me a decent frequency. So I'm cool with flop raise. I planned on double barreling a lot of turns but decided he'd check behind a fair amount with mediocre aces and I picked up a lot of equity. I was planning to bet any 9, 8, 6, 5, 4 and heart on the river all of which are pretty congruent with my range. For some reason I bet this river though, and I think with his opinion on me of pretty aggro/bluffy, its kind of bad. Alternatively, I flat AK, AQ, AJ a fair amount preflop now and I would play it pretty similarly. I don't think he puts those hands in my range though, so in his eyes most of my range is a bluff here.

Hand 3: Maybe I should fold pre

I really don't like how these type of hands tend to go down against good regulars. He'd been playing pretty tight but can easily still be raising SC's from UTG to mix it up, so I don't even know if I have great set odds. The value of my hand is likely ahead of his range, but he can put so much pressure on me I don't know if it's profitable to call. When i chk call flop I think he double barrels almost his entire range. I debated raising to around $420 on the turn as his double barrel range is so wide and I could play a full house this way. I think it's a pretty decent play but I was distracted. Also with my table image I don't think I get very much credit.

So it looks like in this situation my perceived range is low-mid pp's and the random AQs. The truth is that range pretty much = my actual range. So what can we do to create some balance? I think flatting JJ+, AKo, AKs here is pretty sweet. First I can check raise for value a lot of flops that he won't think hits my range, and it makes my bluff raises with small pp's more credible when I make them. It also makes him less prone to double/triple barrel bluff me as 1. My range could hit those scare cards and 2. He doesn't know whether I have a small pp here or AA.

Even so, I think I should just fold 22-66 or so. Maybe all the way up to 88. Obviously this is opponent specific but against this particular one I doubt I can play those small pp's profitably.

Well I lost $670 on this session but it wasn't really bad at all. Those hands above are the only ones of interest and I lost a few coolers. Nothing to worry about yo. You stay classy pokerville.